Local Favorites: Healthy Lunches

Eating healthy while dining at local restaurants has become a lot easier lately. Here are just a few of my favorite healthy dishes in the DC Metro Area.

It's probably no surpise that working in the food industry barely allows me to get out and enjoy what the DC food scene has to offer. While right now I don't have time to eat out as much as I'd like, I have had the chance to check out some great spots in the area. Most of the time I like to lean towards the healthy choice on the menu and always give the chef's attempt a fair shot. Some kitchens are made to cater to the healthy eaters while others are just wasting their time and should just stick with their full-fat butter and fried "anything". 

I could find a thousand of dishes in this city that will raise your cholesterol and help you gain those extra five pounds. Here are a few of my favorite dishes in the area that, in my eyes, are healthier and still packed full of flavor. 

Thai "Chicken" Salad from Great Sage in Clarksville - Clarksville might not be very close to DC or Gaithersburg, but I will tell you a thousand times that it is worth the trip - vegetarian or not. Anyone can find something to eat here and leave satisfied and full. Their vegan entrees are packed with flavor and I think that the Thai "Chicken" Salad is one of the first dishes you should try. The soba noodles are cooked perfectly and the "chicken" has great texture and doesn't taste fake at all. 

Spicy Tuna Roll from Yoyogi Sushi in the Kentlands - Yoyogi is one of my favorite places to go for sushi. The staff is always friendly, catering and extremely fast. There are always at least two people working the sushi bar to assure that the food is made to order in this "fast food" type establishment. You can grab a roll to go or sit down and enjoy a meal at your own pace. The California Roll is one of my favorites in the area, but I'd say the Spicy Tuna Roll is my favorite healthy choice. 

Vegetarian Salad from Chipotle in the Kentlands - Everyone loves Chipotle. They promise fresh, sustainable food at an extremely reasonable price. Two people can easily grab dinner for under $20. My favorite healthy dish is choosing the Vegetarian Salad. Instead of doing the rice bowl, I get the salad and request for a little bit of brown rice sprinkled on top of the salad. Plus, if you order the Vegetarian option, guacamole is free.

Meatless Bacon Burger from Founding Farmers in Potomac - I am a little biased here because I worked at this restaurant, but I really commend the Chef here for creating a great vegetarian/vegan menu. You can order from this menu at all three restaurants. My favorite is ordering the Meatless Bacon Burger (without the bun) and the Arugula Salad. The burger is made of black beans, brown rice, flax seed, oat bran and other natural seasonings. It also comes with "Fakin Bacon", the impressive attempt at delivering a vegan bacon. (I ate it as a snack at work it's that good.)

Kale Salad from Farmers Fishers Bakers in Georgetown - Here is a shameless marketing plug...you can't get this salad now, but on Friday you can. Farmers Fishers Bakers is set to open up at the end of the week and while there is plenty of fried fish, buttery steaks and cheesy pizzas on the menu, you can find some great healthy options. I think that the Kale Salad is going to blow everyone away. Kale has made its way into a lot of kitchens lately and I'm excited to see it offered on a menu. Dates, hazelnuts, pecorino cheese...our chef described it has tasting like a "peanut butter and jelly sandwich". She's right, and I mean that in a positively delicious way. 

What are your favorite healthy dishes in the area? 

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Greg Cohen November 08, 2012 at 05:39 PM
I think you're mistaken, Fred. This is not a food critic specific to Potomac or any Patch area, rather it's a Montgomery County food blogger who shares her opinions on Patch. Agree or disagree with them as you may, but keep the other criticism at home.
Amanda Webb November 08, 2012 at 09:07 PM
I'm sorry if I offended anyone with this post. The content parallels my writing style on my food blog. It was stupid of me to say "everyone loves Chipotle" and I do enjoy the vegetarian options from similar establishments. Chipotle just happens to bed a favorite in my neighborhood in the Kentlands. I write on this website because I can "blog" and not write reviews or articles for The Patch. If you read my previous posts, my blog or my tweets, you would know that I work with the last two restaurants and can say that salad is a good item and I hope that if any Gaithersburg residents are in Georgetown they come check it out. Again, my apologies, but I write here for enjoyment, to interact and share with locals, and for exposure to my other blog...not for pay or harsh criticism.
Greg Cohen November 08, 2012 at 09:19 PM
And we hope you keep coming back, Amanda. Thanks, Greg
mark sog November 09, 2012 at 03:33 AM
No apology needed at all Amanda...Yoyogi is a great place for fast and cheap sushi..Nancy and her staff are like machines witha friendly atmosphere to goo along with it....You should try my friends place Hot Bread and Cakes next to Caspians in Kentlands...Try the #5 #68 #71 and #1...They are all great, healthy and cheap...My friend Gobi is almost always there and does some reallly fancy cakes...The deserts are made with very little sugar and wont make you fat..
mark sog November 09, 2012 at 11:39 PM
Sorry, forgot to mention it was Indian food


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