Rockville Couple Featured in ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas’

Danni Starr, AKA ‘the most beautiful bride,’ returns to reality TV Friday.

Danni Starr’s made her wishes clear when she was featured on the WE tv reality show "Bridezillas."

“I want everybody to refer to me as the most beautiful bride,” Starr barked at her minions when the show aired on Season 8.

And woe be unto he or she who broke the former pageant contestant's premarital vow.

But that was then and this is now. Well, kind of.

Starr and her husband, Marlon—recent Rockville residents—will return to reality TV for “Marriage Bootcamp: Bridezillas,” The Baltimore Sun reports.

There seem to be some signs that Danni Starr might be a ’zilla reformed. When asked by the newspaper what advice she’d give to brides to be, she reportedly said: “Don’t be a bridezilla. It’s not worth it.”

Read The Baltimore Sun’s account online, at BaltimoreSun.com.

According to WE tv, the show premieres 9 p.m. Friday.

Starr, a co-host on the nationally syndicated The Kane Show, and her DJ-ing hubby will join four other couples—rounding out a roster of “the most outrageous” bridezilla couples, according to the show’s description.

The newlyweds will be cooped up in the same house as part of an “extreme two-week boot camp.” By the end, the couples will have found a way to make it work—or at least will have made for some entertaining TV watching.


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