SPEAK OUT: Do You Have a Metro Emergency Plan?

Recent deaths on New York City subways may demonstrate need for plan.


Two high profile incidents involving deaths in the New York City subway system may provide an opportunity for exploring plans for dealing with emergencies while navigating underground transit.

What would you do if you encountered an emergency situation while riding  Metro?

A recent article in The Washington Post illustrates that many riders tune out the assistance information messages broadcast on the trains:

If you are in urgent need of police assistance while riding the Metro system, please call Metro Transit Police at 202-962-2121.

“I hear it so often I don’t pay attention anymore,” said one woman interviewed for the story.

Between the Transit Police phone number, 911 and on-site Metro and police personnel, riders have at least three channels of communication in the event of an incident.

Transit Police Chief Michael Taborn told the Post that the number isn’t intended to replace 911, and that riders should call 911 in an emergency. Deputy chief Ron Pavlik mentioned that riders generally go to metro personnel to report a problem.

Patch wants to know how you would handle an emergency on the Metro. Tell us in comment


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