5 Laugh-Out-Loud Blogs to Start the School Year

You've bought the supplies (or not), you've got the new clothes (some of them), and like it or not, the first day of school is upon you. Here, some inspiration to get you ready for the year ahead.

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Credit: Getty
Written by Joanna Schneider

The delight of sharpened pencils, new shoes, and an updated wardrobe disappears the moment you see the school bus and it dawns on you: this also means the return of the morning rush, the overscheduling, missed emails from class parents, reviewing homework, and of course, the never-ending feeling that you're constantly falling behind even while you are racing to keep up.
Ah, the joy of being a mom of school-aged kids. 

So here's the good news: you're not alone. We’ve rounded up some helpful, insightful and just plain hilarious blogs to help you start the school year off right. 

  • As Your Child Leaves for College... Nancy Donohoe still remembers how it felt when her twin boys left for college many Augusts ago. Her blog is a comically touching reflection dedicated to every parent who will miss their soon-to-be college freshman.
  • What Teachers Want Parents to Know.  Education expert and recently-named Disney “American Teacher of the Year” Ron Clark gives the real scoop on why teachers are fed up with parents (yes, we said parents). The piece exploded on social media and CNN featured the best comments in a gallery.

  • "I was awesome in October." Jen Hatmaker doesn’t sugar-coat the realities of raising five kids. We can almost guarantee her musing of a mom on overload with school projects, required costumes and homework folders will make you laugh. And maybe, give you inspiration for the year ahead.

  • "Don't Feel Sorry for Me." Oswego Patch blogger and middle-school teacher Patricia Hiemer reminds us why teachers are such special people and working with hormonal teenagers is truly a calling. Just don’t feel sorry for her.

  • School Shopping With My Teen Daughter. For those of you with daughters, back-to-school clothes shopping can be especially delicate. Redmond Patch blogger Sherri Gazzit lends a relatable perspective on the annual ritual, which she hopes will be a learning experience and self-esteem booster for her own daughter.

We'd love to hear your funny or sentimental back-to-school moments! Whether you’re writing about personal experience or have useful things like tips on healthy snacksshoe-shopping advice, or organizational ideas, Patch is the place for it. Go ahead, add your voice -- click the "blog" link at the top of the page, or add your ideas in the comments. 


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