Comcast Offers Security Solutions on “National Night Out" and Year-round

As thousands of residents across Montgomery County join their neighbors, police officers and other community leaders to celebrate National Night Out on Tuesday, August 6, their thoughts often turn to staying safe throughout the year. The National Night Out campaign, which takes place nationwide, is an annual event designed to heighten crime prevention awareness among community members by strengthening neighborhood support of local anti-crime programs and police-community partnerships.

With families increasingly on the go, they want to know what’s happening at home when they’re at the office, out of town or on vacation.  Xfinity Home from Comcast offers security, monitoring and automation features to help them keep tabs on their homes and families and ensure they remain safe and protected while they’re away.

The Xfinity Home suite includes Xfinity Home Control and Xfinity Home Secure, two cost-effective plans that offer innovative “smart home” solutions and increased peace of mind for customers. 

Xfinity Home Control offers customers anywhere, anytime access to live streaming video of their homes via wireless cameras placed inside or out at the homeowner’s discretion; email, text and video alerts when doors and windows are opened; and remote thermostat and lighting controls that allow customers to create a  “lived-in” appearance when the family is away. As an added bonus, the service can also help families save money on rising thermostat bills by pairing an Xfinity Home thermostat with the new cloud-based Ecosaver, enabling the system to learn about heating and cooling patterns of the house and automatically adjust the temperature accordingly based on schedule, weather patterns or customer preferences.

For families wanting an added level of safety, Comcast offers Xfinity Home Secure. The service includes all of the “smart home” solutions offered through Xfinity Home Control, plus 24/7 professional monitoring, connecting the home with local police and fire departments.

Xfinity Home Secure also offers remote access to the alarm system via a smartphone, tablet or computer and comes with battery and cellular back-up.

To learn more about Xfinity Home Control or Xfinity Home Secure visit http://www.comcast.com/home-security.   


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