A Game Changing Transformation is needed at the Montgomery Village Foundation

The Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) community is in need of a culture change.

The Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) community is in need of a culture change. The MVF community includes the MVF BOD and its committees, the MVF staff operations and its departments, and HOA’s and Village residents.

Today’s top down, authoritative culture serves as an enabler for overreach and underperformance. Beginning with the role confusion between the MVF President and MVF EVP, the MVF BOD is dominated by a President with tendencies toward over control and micromanagement and has acquiesced by adopting a passive posture. This has resulted in a delinquent performance of its oversight role.

While the committee structure is complete with respect to focus areas and needs, committee operations are fragmented and stove piped with insufficient interaction or coordination among committees. The result is incomplete committee staff work whenever crosscutting issues arise. For example, the environment and transportation issues crosscut those of recreation and public safety. The completed staff work necessary for high quality MVF BOD recommendations demands that committees be informed by necessary input from subject matter experts in other committees in a systematic and dependable way. MVF committee operations need to be coordinated and integrated with respect to information flow.

Finally the governance of MVF needs to transition from the current dysfunctional top down culture to a civil and democratic bottom up paradigm featuring purposeful and transparent networking among MVF BOD, MVF staff departments, committees, HOA’s, MV business community, and Village residents. In this arrangement, the Village resident is accorded respect, is listened to carefully, and is dealt with in a civil manner. Village residents who comment at MVF BOD Residents Time should be rewarded with a letter from the MVF EVP acknowledging the testimony, informing the resident of any actions taken, and promising appropriate actions as necessary. The Residents Time allocation of five-minutes should be restored.

As a 2013 candidate for MVF Board of Directors, I am committed to leading this Game Changing Transformation in Montgomery Village. You have a friend in me.


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Don O'Neill January 31, 2013 at 06:39 PM
PART 5 Facts Matter: Promoting the quality of life for MV residents is the top priority. Ensuring the safety and security of the residents of MV and their property is the second priority in the citizen centric-goals I have advocated for several and which appear earlier in this blog. I will include these goals again here as follows:
a. Promote the quality of life for MV residents. 
b. Ensure the safety and security of the residents of MV and their property. 
c. Promote an economic development environment for the community businesses that serve the residents of MV. 
d. Position MV with the County Executive, County Council, and the Maryland delegation to ensure the recognition we deserve and the protection against government overreach and interference we need. 
e. Encourage the pride of MV residents in maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the community needed to boost property values. 
f. Foster the democratic process.
Don O'Neill January 31, 2013 at 06:39 PM
PART 6 Facts Matter: Ed, here you go again. As in item 5, you’ve taken a bridge too far. Facts Matter: The question is not do Montgomery Village resident’s “deserve... more conveniently located MVF offices”. The question is do we need it. The answer to that question is no... on cost alone. 10. Facts Matter: Why then did MVF Board member and candidate throw up his hands when asked whether the library could bear the name of Montgomery Village? This would be a good place to demonstrate concrete results for the partnership you claim has been ongoing.
StevenBarnes February 01, 2013 at 02:16 PM
Don, Do you enjoy hearing and reading your same old comments over and over? What about presenting some nw ideas looking to the future, it is not 1965. The last time i looked at my calendar it said 2013.
Derek Hale February 02, 2013 at 05:45 AM
I just wonder Don if you think that the Village News has to be The Don O’Neill News. It seems you are intent on having a critical Letter to the Editor in each and every issue. Although you may think this puts you further (or better?) in the public eye, I think you are doing a detriment to your candidacy and giving yourself nothing but a black eye.
just me February 08, 2013 at 04:44 PM
it is TIME to face the truth that is unfortunately not easy to digest. The truth is we need to stop thinking about the village as a pink wonderland as some people want us to, but to realize that this place needs a ton of work. We fell down the hill so fast and so deep that someone needs to open out eyes.


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