Sticking a Finger in the Eye of Montgomery Village Democracy

MVF Board President Bob Hydorn is again sticking a finger in the eye of democracy in Montgomery Village when he urges people to vote... and then tells them whom to vote for.

Democracy in Montgomery Village ticked upwards with the confirmation of all four candidates for the MVF Board election at its January 9 meeting despite an unpleasant incident that took place involving a prominent MVF Board member. I would like to commend some real heroes who took a stand in winning back democracy in Montgomery Village. Chaired by dutiful MVF Board member Dennis Clark, the Nominating Committee confirmed all four applicants as candidates for the 2013 MVF Board election. 

You might ask, why is this so heroic? It is heroic because MVF Board President Bob Hydorn made an improper appearance at the candidate confirmation meeting, ambushed me immediately upon my arrival urging the committee to deny my candidacy, then withered under my ensuing rebuttal, failed to make the case, left empty handed, and claimed to be acting as an individual not as MVF Board President. Kudos to the Nominating Committee for not being intimidated and confirming the candidacy of all of this year’s applicants. These committee members are the heroes in winning back democracy in the Village. 

Short lived, democracy in Montgomery Village has now taken a tick downwards. In his ”Time to vote in Montgomery Village” blog, MVF Board President Bob Hydorn is again sticking a finger in the eye of democracy in Montgomery Village when he urges people to vote... and then tells them whom to vote for.

Again the question must be asked, "Is Bob Hydorn speaking as an individual resident or is he speaking as the President of the MV FBoard." When speaking as President of the MVF Board, there are expectations, one of them being that he represents the views of MVF Board. 

The question can be answered by reviewing the President's Message in the February 1, 2013 MV News on page 5 from which the bulk of the language for this blog was drawn except that here he did not presume to tell Village residents whom to vote for. In his MV News President's Message, Bob Hydorn was clearly speaking from his position on the MVF Board. Since the language on this blog is largely verbatim, the conclusion is that Bob Hydorn was speaking for the MVF Board.

It is improper for the MVF Board to conduct a free and open election while at the same time its President is working to tilt the results in this manner. Once again, democracy in Montgomery Village is being trampled upon. 

 I call upon Bob Hydorn to publicly declare whether he launched this blog as an individual resident or as the President of the MVF Board. 

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just me March 05, 2013 at 03:39 PM
LenGray, Unfortunately Bob Hydorn was against the playground around the lake. He appeared at the meeting with other representatives about playground (same meeting when Sharon brought all the brochures etc), meeting which I attended as well. He was shouting loud and clear that there will never be a playground there, and what's more he suggested to remove other playgrounds. Also another member of the winning "hydorn" team (won't mention the name here) was shouting at a meeting before that, that there is no budget for playground - period. I am sorry to bring it up, but it seems to be (after 7 years of asking for the playground) that your grandson will be a grown up man with own children, and the playground still won't be there. Also as a remark - I moved out to a different community - and we have 3 beautiful playgrounds around - all 3 renovated within last 6 months. In other communities, you don't need to ask for neccesities.
Sharon January 31, 2014 at 10:22 AM
This is as an appropriate Village-related blog (when subject 'democracy) as any to ask question. Received SVHC 2014 election ballot a couple days ago. How is Elena Peterson's name still on as SVHC Board member with term not due to expire till 2016 when she no longers live in the Village? {Thought when she sold her home in South Village that this would be addressed and resolved??!!} I have family members & friends who reside in other parts of the County. Should I advise them that they too can run for an office on SVHC Board or MVF Board as well because there is no criteria banning even those outside of Montgomery Village from holding office? Hummmm!
Don O'Neill January 31, 2014 at 11:45 AM
What is it about Elena Peterson and the Montgomery Village Foundation? Inexplicably, the 2014 MVF Candidates Forum video contains a stray clip of Elena Peterson's 2013 Candidates Forum testimony. I know this because I watched the 2014 Candidates Forum video from start to finish. Not only should this not happen if MVF staff members were at their post, someone should immediately edit this out.
Sharon February 01, 2014 at 10:41 AM
My own so-called secret HOA ballot is sitting here on dining room table. I say so-called because on envelope one has to print name, pen signature & give address. Now you tell me those (who open ballots don't, via human nature, key in on those ballots w/names of residents who have been vocal or who aren't in total agreement w/current Board!). If I didn't know any better & from list of candidates (also questionable husband and wife on 'same' ballot), I would say it is exact ballot that went out in the early 2000 with only the date changed to 2014. One individual, through either 'sin of omission' or 'political dementia moment' who is running for office yet again failed to mention circumstances regarding early departure from previous Board position. Anyway, in order to have my vote count, I have to, of course, prove I'm a resident of the Village & have to be in non-delinquent status with 'assessment payments'. Regarding criteria topic, in order to receive Village pool passes in the summer the criteria is the same...current in MVF/HOA payments & no architectural violations pending. To contribute in Village News I have to fully identify myself as Village member by providing my full name, address (community in which I live) w/no regard from MVF that for safety reasons i.e. some residents might not want all that information in the Village News. Open forum to express themselves in 'their' Village paper (w/MVF as single entity having and verifying contributor is indeed Village 'member') should be enough that such private info is provided to MVF when editorial submitted to them w/o insistence private info become a 'matter of public domain'! Mentioning all these varying issues & requirements only to show the irony of fact that we have a member on the MVF Board who sold her home in South Village (moved entirely out of Village from what I understand); yet sits on the MVF Board with term not expiring until 2016. And that position of a non-resident involves finances (Treasurer)! Say what again??!! With that (lack of) criteria (absurdity) for holding office, I may advise & suggest family & friends who reside in other parts of the County give it a shot & run for a Board position in Montgomery Village! Hummm!
Sharon February 01, 2014 at 11:56 AM
Correction: Non-residing individual continues to sit on HOA Board. No matter 'cause the real issue is fact 'non-resident'. One would think & hope that new counsel would 'advise' as to the legality or lack thereof for non-residence to 'sit on any Board' or have any say in MV or HOA issues.


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