North Potomac ‘Turbinator’ Auditions for American Idol, Advances

Gurpreet Singh Sarin, 22, of North Potomac, was favored by American Idol judges, will advance to the next round.

A crooning North Potomac resident who calls himself “The Turbinator” will advance to the next round of singing on American Idol.

Gurpreet Singh Sarin, 22, appeared on the season 12 debut on Wednesday.

Sarin, who sings classical Indian music, said he was nicknamed “The Turbinator” on account of his many, many color-coordinated turbans.

But on Wednesday, he was hoping that it was his voice and not his lavendar turban that would take him to the next round. Sarin sang  “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5 then sang a classical Indian piece.

The initial feedback didn’t look good.

“Well Tubinator, I love your look,” said Idol jugde Nicki Minaj, who wore a Big Bird-yellow wig with hot pink highlights. “I think you have a pretty voice, but I don’t think it’s a standout voice.”

But that wasn’t exactly a vote. Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson voted "yes". Keith Urban voted "no".

“For me, for the voice that I’m waiting to feel and hear, I just didn’t hear that,” the country singer said. “And you’ve got a beautiful heart man. It’s not about that. Unfortunately for me it’s a no.”

Jackson tried to inject more drama, saying that his fate lie in the hands of Nicki Minaj, whose vote would send him to the next round, to Hollywood.

In an effort to plead his case, Sarin gave Minaj the puppy eyes.

“I actually have a marigold turbin the color of your hair, in addition to all the other colors. Just give me a chance, please,“ he pleaded.

Minaj, who called him “Turb,” sealed his fate.

“Turb, Turb,” the pop star said, smiling. “You’re going to Hollywood!”

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