Learning from Australia's Gold Coast Rapid Transit Project

Light Rail Transit is the best choice for Montgomery County, not fuel-guzzling noxious buses.

Gov. Martin O'Malley's is a calamity for Montgomery County and for Maryland.

He needs to rethink his indescribably deplorable bus decision. Montgomery County is headed in the wrong transit direction and he knows better.

Too bad smart leadership like the Gold Coast Rapid Transit Project in Queensland, Australia is lost in Maryland. 

Click here and here for more on the Australian project.

The lock step 'no brainer' politicians in Montgomery County display and deploy failed leadership while lying and misrepresenting the true need for the county and choosing the worst solution for years to come.

It's not rocket science to know light rail is the right choice and bus totally
wrong for the CCT and other major corridors in Montgomery County and other parts of Maryland.

Severely lacking in good leadership and vision, huge amounts of money will
be wasted on completely inferior public bus transportation. This will be
the legacy of ineptitude and wrong-headed thinking for Montgomery County.

Only the ignorant politicians will find glory and love to wallow in their
noxious bus sty, believing they won when in reality they lost—big time.

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Donna Baron (Scale-it-back.com) June 14, 2012 at 05:24 PM
Unfortunately, my figures are not alarmist even if they sound outrageous. They are directly from the master plan, the Council staff and the Planning Dept. It was stated during a PHED committee meeting that even if the roads were widened to six- and eight-lanes, the multilevel twelve- to sixteen-lane interchanges were constructed and the CCT was built, the traffic on Great Seneca Highway would travel at an average speed of 9-11 mph. Great Seneca at that point would be six lanes, Key West would be eight lanes, Muddy Branch would be six lanes. There would be up to six two- and three-level highway interchanges that would twelve to sixteen lanes on Great Seneca. And another point worth noting. Royce Hanson, former Chair of the Planning Board was asked if the capacity for science-related jobs would be siphoned away from other parts of the county if the Science City was built. He said it would, for many years to come. But the weirdest part of all of this is that Steve Silverman said if the county required the Science City to be more than 30% science-related, the project would fail. The Council upped it to 40%. What world class science center is only 40% science-related? If the area will be buried in traffic, the rest of the county will suffer and the Science City is going to be 60% non Science-related, why is the county so hell-bent on making it happen? Because Johns Hopkins is a relentless real estate developer and they are driving the bus.
Jeff Hawkins June 14, 2012 at 05:43 PM
@Donna Keep up the good fight Donna! Is there anything the average (below average) person can do to help?
Donna Baron (Scale-it-back.com) June 14, 2012 at 07:46 PM
Donna Baron (Scale-it-back.com) Jeff, Johns Hopkins' massive proposed commercial office complex on Belward Farm for 15,000 people is the biggest potential problem. Elizabeth Banks sold Belward Farm to Hopkins for one-fifth of its value with the understanding that Hopkins would build a low impact academic campus on the farm. After Ms. Banks' death, Hopkins approached the County about rezoning the farm for much higher density and the County went along with the plan. Ms. Banks' family has filed suit against Johns Hopkins for breach of donor intent. The scheduling hearing for the trial will be on July 6 at the Circuit Court in Rockville. If the Judge rules in favor of the family, Hopkins will be forced to scale the development on the farm back to 1.4 million sq ft (approx. 5,000 people), instead of their proposed commercial office complex for 15,000 people. That would take quite a burden off the local roads. For more information on the family's effort to force Johns Hopkins to honor Elizabeth Banks' intentions, please see http://www.facebook.com/SaveBelwardFarm
Jacks June 17, 2012 at 03:57 AM
No, Don't send them to east county. This area was congested before Shady Grove was even born and has some of the highest residential density in the State. The jobs/housing imbalance is a complete myth perpetuated by the developers. Recent reports show a 1 to 1 on residents and jobs and Silver Spring is home to many corporations and gov't agencies.
Lezlie Crosswhite June 17, 2012 at 01:18 PM
@Jacks, I always wondered about that, but then a few years ago my commute put me on the north side of 495 during morning rush hour. On the top of the loop, there were significantly more cars travelling from the east side of the loop to the west side during morning rush. I was going west to east and was always astonished how there was comparatively little traffic going west to east, and I almost never had to go below 40 mph. If there isn't a big jobs/housing imbalance, then why is there such a big difference in traffic patterns? Is it all from commuters coming south on 95 and then joining the beltway? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.


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