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Police Shoot Man 'Behaving Erratically' in Silver …

Police Chase, Arrest Alleged Armed Carjacker Outside White Marsh Sears

Police said the man was arrested after a brief chase that ended in the Rosedale area on Dec. 21.

Police arrested a Baltimore man shortly after he allegedly used a handgun to steal a vehicle outside the Sears department store at White Marsh Mall last week. 

Darien Marquis Hebron, 19, of the 2600 block of Loyola Southway, was charged with armed carjacking, as well as several traffic violations and other charges, a police report shows. 

Shortly after 10 p.m. on Dec. 21, in the 8200 block of Perry Hall Boulevard, a man carrying a handgun approached the driver of a 2000 silver Cadillac Deville and forced him out of the car, according to the police report. 

Police immediately responded, chased and stopped the car near Kenwood Avenue and the Interstate 95 overpass. Police arrested and identified the alleged carjacker as Hebron. No serious injuries were reported, the police report shows. 

He was charged with armed carjacking, carjacking, armed robbery, robbery, unlawful taking of a motor vehicle, unauthorized removal of property, theft between $1,000 and $10,000, first-degree assault, second-degree assault, the use of a firearm in a violent crime, handgun on person, handgun in vehicle, speeding, driving without a license, failure to drive right of center, turning off vehicle lights to avoid identification, failure to stop for police, failure to stop after being involved in an accident, negligent driving and reckless driving, online court records show. 

A booking photo of Hebron was not immediately available Thursday afternoon, as the investigation into the incident is ongoing, according to Cpl. Cathleen Batton, a Baltimore County police spokeswoman. 

Hebron remained at the Baltimore County Detention Center as of Thursday, Batton said.  

gabe December 30, 2012 at 07:27 PM
seems to me that the people here who say we should not based it on race etc are ok with the inner city people coming over here and committing crimes. Let's just invite them into our schools with automatic weapons.
Sadden December 30, 2012 at 11:24 PM
@John- My assumption would be b/c our National numbers play a big part in that. Blacks make up 13% of the population in the United States which makes us an minorty as a whole. My point for George was, he would think that way b/c black people for the most part make up Baltimore however it would be the same if you took Dundalk for instance where the white population is 79%, one would think that if it wasn't for the George's & Toms of that area it would be safer (according to George's commit). Crime is crime regardless of the race of the person committing it and it's unfortunate but ALL races commit them.
teech December 31, 2012 at 04:52 AM
You are right john...and I wonder how many welfare mommas they support...or how many baby daddies live at their liberal homes? And don't even think about deporting illigals...their liberal heads might explode. Also did you hear that NObama gave crazy Joe and congress RAISES?!?!?!?!? How's that for "in your face America"?
gabe January 02, 2013 at 08:17 PM
All i know is if i where running for the Baltimore county executive office i would make it a priority for the people who lived in there home for a certain amount of years to pay less taxes on the home. I would also stop handing out free money if you commit a crime. Instead of jail time for minor offenses you would have to work for the county to pay off your jail time. This can cut down on jail expenses and at the same time clean up the county. Speed camera etc also make the communities look bad. They work for the city but out in the county especially in the nice area's they look bad. We also need to cut down on waste like unnecessary mailings that i get because my wife has a last name of Mendoza and they think she is spanish so she gets mail in spanish to see if she needs help. She is a filipina and does not need help but i wonder why i don't get these mailings. I guess its because im whte and they feel only minorties should get these benefits. Sad but they target minorites so they can offer them free things in the county its a one way street to get the vote.
Kristi H January 08, 2013 at 08:39 PM
What do you expect with all of the bus lines and section 8 housing in the area?


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