Report: Gaithersburg Woman Accused Of Selling Sex With Teenage Daughter

The Gazette: Prosecutors say a 44-year-old Gaithersburg man paid $100 for sex with the girl.

A Montgomery County grand jury has indicted a Gaithersburg woman on charges that she prostituted her daughter in order to pay a debt, The Gazette reported.

Bejarni Rivas, 44, of Gaithersburg, paid the mother $100 each time to have sex with the victim, according to charging documents cited in the report.

The alleged incidents occurred in the men's changing room at the Georgian Colonies Club House in Silver Spring between December and March, the report said.

Rivas is charged with 13 counts of rape, sexual abuse, and other charges, The Gazette reported. The mother is charged with 11 similar counts, and was being held in jail on $275,000 bond.

The Gazette did not name the mother or the daughter, citing a policy of not naming people who say they are victims of sex crimes.

Read the full story on The Gazette.


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