Council In The Community: Quince Orchard Park Meeting Notes

Gaithersburg Mayor Sidney Katz, the City Council and other city officials met with the Quince Orchard Park community Tuesday night.

During a special council meeting Tuesday, Gaithersburg officials joined members of the Quince Orchard Park community to address neighborhood concerns.

Below are notes on a number of topics discussed by city officials and community members:

Crime Summary

Per Police Chief Mark P. Sroka: "As far as crime goes, this is a very safe community and we have very few crimes committed in Quince Orchard Park."

Eight total crimes crimes reported in the last six month period for this community: one burglary, two forgeries, one drug complaint, four disorderly conduct calls.

In 2011, that crime data is also consistent: 44 miscellaneous calls varying from parking complaints to 911 disconnect and domestic dispute without assault. Residential alarms were a big one. 

Replacement of Trees on Swanton Lane

Per Mark Scafide, Public Works Operations Superintendent: Trees are planted on a small, tight planting area and 4-5 trees didn't survive in that planting location.

Until now, [the city] has been putting back in there a type of fountain grass because the space is too small for a mature tree. It needs a 6 foot x 6 foot or 6 foot x 7 foot pit, and it's really just a triangle. at its widest point, it's 3 feet.

[Gaithersburg] is open to other options and hearing what the community has to say. If we were to put a tree back in there, the tree would have a very short life cycle. Some of them are doing fairly well, but they're all showing signs of stress.

Community Tree Management Plan/Update On Ash Trees

Per Mark Scafide: Last October the city treated all Ash trees in community, 435+ trees, treated for the Emerald Ash Borer (a wood-boring insect that only kills Ash trees), as a preventive measure the city went ahead and treated all the trees. Gaithersburg also treated some in the Lakelands community and others around Gaithersburg. "We got ahead of the issue so we're trying to take care of it before it becomes an option."

Gaithersburg is going to treat the Ash trees for the next 2-3 years to make sure the city has the issue resolved and make sure it doesn't become an issue. 

Recycle Bins

Per Mark Scafide: If you need a replacement bin, call over to public works, request a new bin, and within 7-10 days they'll drop off a new one. Leave your old bin out and they'll take care of it for you. It really helps out in the community for cutting down on blowing trash (all bins now have a top on them). Sometimes people will see your lid and take it thinking it will work on their old bin. Drill a little hole in it and tie a small piece of rope to it. Community members can call Public Works at 301-258-6370 to request a bin.


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