Rockville and Montgomery County to Begin Final Leaf Collections

Find your neighborhood on the collection map and consider these tips before you rake.


Grab a rake or leaf blower! A final round of leaf collection is about to begin in the City of Rockville and in parts of unincorporated Rockville served by Montgomery County.

In the City of Rockville

The final leaf collection of the year is scheduled to begin Monday in the southern central part of the City of Rockville, according to a city news release.

The final collections are scheduled to begin:

  • Monday in Area 5, including areas west of the CSX/Metrorail tracks and east of Interstate 270 and south of Great Falls Road and E. Middle Lane to the city’s southern border.
  • Nov. 26 in Area 1, southern Twinbrook.
  • Dec. 3 in Area 2, northern Twinbrook.
  • Dec. 10 in Area 3, the northern central part of the city, including areas north of Great Falls Road and E. Middle Lane, west of the CSX/Metrorail tracks and east of I-270 to the city’s northern border.
  • Dec. 17 in Area 4, the part of the city west of I-270.

Click here for a map of collection areas in the city.

The city also vacuums leaves once in April.

Call 240-314-8570 between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. for more information.

In unincorporated Rockville/Montgomery County’s collection district

The first round of county leaf collection is wrapping up and signs are being posted alerting neighborhoods of final collection dates beginning next week.

The county’s leaf vacuum district is roughly south of Bel Pre and Norbeck roads, east of I-270 and Interstate 495 and west of New Hampshire Avenue, to the District of Columbia line.

If you live outside the Rockville city limits, click here to see if the county collects leaves in your neighborhood and here to view a schedule of county leaf collections.

Not on either the city or county maps? Click here for information on getting your home included in county leaf collection.

The county posts red signs on utility poles in neighborhoods to alert residents of the final pickup date. (Green signs were posted before the first pickup.)

Tips for leaf collection

The following tips will make it easier for crews to collect leaves (failure to follow these tips could result in leaves no being collected):

  • Rake leaves to the road or just next to the pavement if no curb exists or place leaves in paper yard waste bags. In the city, leaves in biodegradable paper bags should be placed curbside at 7 a.m. on the regular yard waste collection day. Leaves placed in plastic bags will not be collected.
  • Do not park near leaf piles.
  • Do not pile leaves in the street.
  • Removed sticks, limbs, rocks or other heavy objects from leaf piles.
  • Raking leaves just before collection reduces leaves on the streets, fire hazards, clogged sewers and potential grass damage.
  • Consider alternative methods for getting rid of leaves, including mulching or composting.

County crews have collected 39,281 cubic yards of leaves as of Thursday and are expected to collect more than 150,000 cubic yards of leaves total this season, according to the county’s website.


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