UPDATED---Report: Congress Probes Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s North Bethesda Lease

The commission leased office space at Three White Flint building for new workers that won't be needed now.

(Updated) A House subcommittee is investigating the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s plans to move to a new space in North Bethesda based on hiring plans that never came to fruition, The Washington Business Journal reports.

At issue, The Business Journal reports, is the NRC’s decision to lease space at Three White Flint building—at a cost that is triple the amount Congress authorized in 2007—based on the belief the commission would need to hire hundreds of employees to process a wave of applications to build nuclear reactors.

The Gazette reported that Philadelphia-based LCOR decided to sell the Three White Flint building, which cost $131 million to build. A spokeswoman for LCOR said the building has not found a buyer.

But when the public utilities backed out, the need to hire more workers was no longer there, according to The Business Journal’s account.

Read the full story at The Washington Business Journal.


EDITOR'S NOTE: This story has been updated since it was originally published to correct an error. Philadelphia-based LCOR is selling Three White Flint. The company invested $131 million to build it and has not found a buyer.


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