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Moving Montgomery Village Forward: Scott Dyer Seeks Re-Election to MVF Board of Directors

Scott Dyer, an elected MVF Board member and East Village Board member, seeks re-election to the MVF Board of Directors in the 2013 Election. Dyer is an East Village resident, married, with one child.

 As we stand on the threshold of a number of key decisions that will affect the future of the Village, this year’s election for the Montgomery Village Foundation’s Board of Directors (MVF)’s will directly impact three votes for the total nine Board Members representing the nearly 50,000 total residents in the Village. As the only incumbent running for re-election this year, I ask for your consideration of my experience, community involvement and dedication to the Village, as well as proven leadership to represent you on the MVF Board of Directors.


 During my currently elected three year term on the MVF Board of Directors, MVF is in the best financial condition of its almost 47-year history. For the first time ever, planning and budgeting moved to looking at a five year plan, which saw no assessment increases (MVF and Designated User) in the 2012 and 2013, and only a Designated User Assessment increase expected in 2014. Cost-savings were across the board, strategic moves were made to improve how we invest funds, outsourcing of maintenance and landscaping, improving Community Management and updating Architectural Standards, a new marketing plan (“flourish”) and a Social Media presence on Facebook and Twitter, new Banking relationships to lower fees and invest Reserve funds more effectively, outreach and coordination with our elected officials and the business community, an increased focus and commitment to expanding services for Seniors, coordination with the County Police and the community (including the HOAs/HOCs and local businesses) to improve awareness and work towards improving public safety, planning necessary updates to our existing seven pools, a new pool heater to allow an expanded pool season for residents, Wi-Fi internet connectivity at the North Creek Community Center, a lighted fountain in the Amphitheater Pond to both aerate and beautify, the MV Farmers’ Market, new signage and landscaping, new events and services (ex. The Great Pumpkin Race/Seniors In Action/MVFit), and a variety of other visible improvements to amenities and services have been appearing each year with more to come. The Long Range Facilities Planning Committee’s report (2010) and MVF’s Vision 2030 Committee’s report (2011), took important steps forward in looking beyond simply how we maintain what’s great about the Village today, but looking how we improve the future of the Village, to ensure the Village remains a great place to live in the years ahead.


 If elected for a second three year term, my focus will be on continuing to keep assessments low for residents, increase community involvement (including in meetings and on MVF Committees), protecting the environment and continuing to utilize the experience of the volunteers on the Committee on the Environment in those efforts, seeking to revive the inactive Public Safety Committee as a focused task force to identify additional ways we can increase public safety in the Village with representatives from all stakeholders (similar to Vision 2030) and implement recommendations from their report,  expand the new marketing plan (“flourish”) to further improve the image of the Village and provide key marketing materials to Realtors/local media/and perspective residents and businesses, working with the County on the Gaithersburg East Master Plan process (2013-2014) to ensure it aligns with MVF’s Vision 2030, working with the new owner of the MV Golf Course to ensure the proposed development is isolated to the upper open parcels along MV Avenue with access to the community to a still operational golf course and other possible amenities (indoor pool, fitness center, new clubhouse, upscale restaurant, etc.), work with the owners of the Village Shopping Center and connected parcels on both short-term improvements to the Village Shopping Center as well as longer-term redevelopment to finally create a town center (a mixed-use Village Center with retail/restaurants with outdoor dining space/event space/green space with a water feature/offices – including relocation of the MVF offices/a real supermarket/etc.) that will again be a focal point and gathering place for our community, continuing to support the MVF Transportation Policy and protect our community from undesirable projects being dumped on us that seek to provide higher volume and higher speed traffic past our schools and through environmentally sensitive areas as well as that negatively impact nearby homeowners, continue planning and implementation of improvements to our seven existing pools, continue to support MVFit and Seniors in Action to expand offerings to residents, seeking private and State grants for improvements to our walking path system and street lighting, erosion repairs and carefully implemented dredging of Lake Whetstone, a continued focus on private property maintenance to ensure the upkeep of properties in the Village, and advocating to our elected officials (County/State/Federal) on behalf of the residents.


 I was elected to the Montgomery Village Foundation’s Board of Directors in 2010, with the second highest number of total votes in the election, against three incumbents. As an MVF Board member, I’ve been involved on the following MVF committees: Communications, Recreation, and Election (served as Chair of the Committee and Moderator of the Candidates Forum in 2012); I also participated in MVF’s Vision 2030. I’m the only elected representative on the MVF Board from the Eastern portion of the Village, and no other candidate running this year is from East Village or Eastgate, so my continued representation on the MVF Board provides important diversity in the communities represented on the Board. I also represent the largest age demographic in the Village (35.4% of Village residents are 25-44 yrs old, according to the 2000 census), as the youngest member of the MVF Board at 34yrs old; I would continue to be the youngest member of the MVF Board, even factoring in the current candidates.


 In addition to my elected role on the MVF Board of Directors, I filled a vacancy on the East Village Homes Corporation’s Board of Directors, and then was re-elected to a 3yr term on the Board. My wife, Joy, has been elected to two 3yr terms so far on the East Village Homes Corporation’s Board, and serves as Vice President. My time on the EVHC Board has seen a focus on keeping assessments low each year for East Village residents, an annual community picnic with involvement with the County Police and Elected Officials (State and County), State grants obtained for improvements to storm water management and street lighting, organization of a Neighborhood Watch and improved coordination with the Montgomery County Police, a new maintenance contract with improvements to community landscaping, and a focus on private property maintenance. I’m also the youngest member of the EVHC Board.


 In addition to my experience as a MVF Board member and EVHC Board member, I also bring a diverse background of volunteer work and work experience. I’m currently employed by J.P. Morgan in Washington, DC, in a Client Service role, as an Account Opening Specialist (Associate). I’ve been with J.P. Morgan for over six years, and I’ve also held a prior Finance role, as a Business Manager (i.e. Market-level CFO) for their offices in the Washington, DC and Philadelphia, PA regions. My prior work experience includes as a Realtor with Long and Foster (in their Montgomery Village, King Farm, and Fallsgrove offices); as a Deputy Chief of Staff with the State Government, at the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT); and as a Procurement Analyst with the Federal Government, at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). I’m also a trained and certified Mediator and Facilitator, and a Notary Public. I’m a twice-elected public official in Montgomery County (Central Committee – two 4yr terms), and have run prior for the Montgomery County Council (notably, for the District 2 seat in 2006, garnering about 40% of the vote). I’ve also worked on several campaigns over the years. My volunteer work has included the Rescue Squad, Red Cross, County Public School System, Marymount University, the County Board of Elections (Voter Registrar), Students in Free Enterprise (S.I.F.E.), etc. I’ve received numerous awards and recognition for my volunteer work, leadership and service to the community, and have been profiled over the years in most of the local (and some regional and national) media outlets. Of note, NBC4, highlighted me during their “Morning Person” segment. I also received the “Call to Service” award from the President of the United States in 2007. I studied Business at Montgomery College (Rockville campus), and then studied Business at Marymount University (Arlington, VA) where I earned my Business degree.


 I’m the youngest son of Brigadier General Robert F. Dyer, Jr., MD, Sc.D, a decorated U.S. Army veteran (WW2 and Korea) and physician, who passed away this past July. Dr. Dyer dedicated his life to helping others, through his military service, volunteer work, public service (including notably as part of President Kennedy’s cabinet and on the DC Mayor’s Emergency Council, etc.) and medical career; his medical research has continued to save lives. He continues to inspire me to make a difference, to volunteer my time to help others, and to inspire others. I’m also very fortunate to have married into a family that also gives so much back to the community; my wife, Joyce Kraus Dyer, of the past 8 years, is currently a stay-at-home mom to our 2yr old son, Joseph (a 3rd generation Village resident). Joy is also Vice President of the East Village Homes Corporation’s Board of Directors and has also volunteered her time to Marymount University, the County Board of Elections, etc. Joy has over 15 yrs of experience as an Interior Designer for commercial properties. Her father, John E. Kraus, a licensed architect and Senior Vice President at the JBG Companies, and a U.S. Army veteran (Vietnam), has been involved on the following MVF Committees: Commercial Architectural Review Committee, Vision 2030, Long Range Facilities Planning Committee, and on the Nike Missile Site Redevelopment Committee. Mr. Kraus’ vision of how to redevelop the key commercial sites within the Village were an important framework to Vision 2030, and he is an inspiration to me on his creativity and passion for what is possible for the Village’s future, as well as an inspiration for the number of hours he volunteers on MVF Committees each year to help keep Montgomery Village a great place to live.


 As a homeowner raising a family here, this is where our family will continue to live for generations to come, and I have a vested interest in the future of the Village. I ask for your vote and your support in re-electing me to another 3yr term on the MVF Board of Directors, so that I can continue the work of the past three years to continue to make Montgomery Village a great place to live, for both today and tomorrow.


 I also encourage you to learn more about and vote for Sharon Cranford and Elena Peterson, for the other two seats on the MVF Board of Directors. Sharon Cranford is currently elected to the Whetstone Homes Corporation and serves as Secretary as well as the MVF Representative Alternate. Sharon has served on the following MVF Committees: Audit, Long Range Facility Planning, Vision 2030, and Food for Schools; she is also a member for Friends of Whetstone Lake (FOWL). Professionally, her work experience has included being an Attorney. Sharon has also been active with the PTSA for Montgomery Village Middle School and Watkins Mill High School. Elena Peterson is currently elected to the South Village Homes Corporation and serves as President (formerly as Treasurer) as well as the MVF Representative (and formerly as Alternate Representative). Elena has served on the following MVF Committees: Recreation, Management Advisory Committee, President’s Council, Long Range Facility Planning, and Vision 2030; she is also a member for Friends of Whetstone Lake (FOWL) and was a former Vice President. Professionally, her work experience has included being financial services professional.


Vote for Sharon Cranford, Scott Dyer, and Elena Peterson on the MVF Board of Directors’ 2013 election ballot, and keep Montgomery Village moving forward!

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Sharon February 12, 2013 at 04:42 AM
Again, Derek, having some sort of 'record with activities (being on boards or committees) does not necessarily mean what takes place in those board meetings or within the committees seeps out into communities in any productive fashion. I'm definitely not going to stoop low enough to name names but I do know one who wants around our community (personal outings; not business) and yet seems to have blinders on when it involves going back to board or committee and reporting 'the conditions and dire needs' of neighborhood where these 'casual strolls' take place. So all of them can 'join' as many Boards, committees as their little hearts desire & increase their 'flowery bios' as they have done w/each election. BS matters little in the long run! Certainly doesn't help bring some of these communities within the Village 'out of the depreciating depths of hell'. And I began long ago viewing participation on MVF Board & HOA Board (& committee to oversee another committee to oversee yet another committee) as not out of community concern but an ego/personal endeavor & even somewhat as a lonely hearts club. Again, it seems to depend on where in the Village you reside (whether you matter as a Village family member) & the personal experience & personal observations made by each of us commenting on this blog.
Derek Hale February 14, 2013 at 10:21 PM
Scott is the one to vote for. If you have not already returned your ballot, please do so and sign it. You may be a renter and not gotten a ballot. If so, you may be reading these blogs or the Village News but your ballot goes to your landlord. Please encourage him/her to vote the way you want. Scott is the young and energetic blood we need on the MVF Board.
Sharon March 03, 2013 at 03:49 PM
Now that the elections are over & your bio of 'accomplishments' at such a 'young age' seem to far surpass/exceed even someone in their 80's (almost to the point of being omnipotent, Scott...hummm!), let's see how much interest and 'power' you possess in procuring a long-overdue playground @ Lake Whetstone. You failed to compaign in my community to meet those of us seemingly on the 'wrong side of the (Village) tracks'. Maybe, just maybe I will finally meet you when you come here in very near future with shovel in hand to break ground & dedicate that playground! Ya think??!!!
Sharon March 03, 2013 at 04:25 PM
http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-18563_162-57572225/sandy-affected-n.j-town-honors-newtown-victims/ Excerpt from article: "I think it's a beautiful idea," said Nicole Hockley, the mother of Dylan Hockley, a 6-year old killed at Sandy Hook Elementary. "A PLAYGROUND BRINGS SOMETHING POSITITIVE TO A COMMUNITY FOR CHILDREN, and that's got to be one of the best ways to memorialize my child and the other children that died that day."
Sharon March 04, 2013 at 03:05 AM
Now that you have been elected to the Board, Scott, I hope your 2nd priority (after revisiting issue of playground) is revamping the Architectural Review Board by expectng & setting for them the same time limits they set on we homeowners to comply to their 'demands'. No homeowner should be cited for trivial changes 6, 9, 12 & even 20 yrs after minor or rmajor home modifications. And there needs to be a harness on ARB's disparaging enforcement & also discussion or a 'tutoring class in 'Proportionality Law' when they begin to nit-pick good homeowners while ignoring those homes that stand out like a sore thumbs as far away as the Village Avenue when you don't even have to drive 'into' a community to observe the dire, deteriorating conditions & outright blatant architectural violations. People skills might be helpful as well where they should thank a homeowner for being involved & even vocal regarding legitimate, below-standard conditions rather than priactice 'witch hunt' to silence those homeowners who damand MVF & ARB be held accountable for promised responsibilities. Responsibities should not be a one-way street from homeowners only.


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